A look back at Madrid Fusión 2019

Von: Aquanaria,
7 September, 2020

Madrid Fusión 2019 turned off the gas and closed its doors to the public on Wednesday 30 January, leaving us with the memory of all those smells, flavours, colours, sauces, sounds, flours, rices, textures… a truly special edition held in the Spanish capitalthat really made an impression with the slogan “Reinventing cookery: changing the rules“, which shaped the presentations made by the chefs, many of whom had travelled a long way to amaze their audiences.

The Municipal Convention Centre was the venue for this 17th edition featuring 107 presenters, including such well-known and established chefs as Ferran Adrià from El Bulli Foundation, Dabiz Muñoz from DiverXo, Javi Estévez  from La Tasquería and Mario Sandoval from Coque, among others. And of course, the chefs who took part in our presentation „SEA BASS“ Julián Mármol from Yugo de Bunker and Enrique Valentí from Marea Alta. A conference which left the audience astounded at the versatility of our product and the creativity of these culinary masters.

The audience wanted a close-up view and the chance to try recipes featuring our product, such as a dazzling dish by Enrique Valentí, who left Madrid Fusión open-mouthed with his Peking duck-style transformation of sea bass and a virtuoso approach to the skin, as well as the utterly delicious tartare served up by our mission-starred chef Julián Mármol.

Sea Bass inspired by Peking duck, with a surf and turf roast chicken glaze, christened Catalan Hoisin. For Valentí, „Aquanaria sea bass is perfect for the techniques and cooking methods employed in this recipe, thanks to its proportion of fat“. The chef defined the product as „a high-quality, sustainable product, and one which shows us the future of fish farming at sea“.


Sea bass tartar with pilpil marino and its own collagen, a recipe by Julián Marble for which „the texture and infiltration of Aquanaria sea bass are perfect“. In addition, it highlighted its natural flavor, „that allows to elaborate high level recipes“.

With the assistance of a fisherman preparing some really tasty little morsels for the audience, the product was sampled by all, and widely shared on social media. Once again our produce has shown that it employs a fishing method that aims to generate the least possible stress in the animal to preserve product quality and heighten its freshness and ultimately its taste,making it perfect for any type of recipe.

A truly memorable gastronomic happening of acknowledged quality and which made a real impression.

See you there next year!


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