Since Ancient times, sea bass has been one of the most valued fish in kitchens. This is true for several reasons: its flavour, texture, because it is healthy and because it has very little bones that are very easy to remove. For these reasons, its gastronomic applications have become extensive and varied.

Our fishing process is aimed at generating the least possible stress for the fish in order to preserve the quality of the product and emphasize its final freshness and taste, which is why this product is perfect for all types of recipes.

Aquanaria sea bass gunkan with oyster tartare

PREPARATION If the loin is clean, first remove the bones and skin before cutting usuzukuri style. Boil the seaweed for 10 seconds in water and then dip them in iced water to stop the cooking. Place the seaweed in the blender along with the shiso. On the one hand from this mixture we obtain a…

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