Gunkan Lubina Aquanaria

Recetas Aquanaria sea bass gunkan with oyster tartare

Aquanaria sea bass gunkan with oyster tartare


  1. If the loin is clean, first remove the bones and skin before cutting usuzukuri style.
  2. Boil the seaweed for 10 seconds in water and then dip them in iced water to stop the cooking.
  3. Place the seaweed in the blender along with the shiso. On the one hand from this mixture we obtain a purée type cream and on the other hand, we obtain a juicy liquid.
  4. Make gelatine with the vinegar and Agar-agar and refrigerate the mixture to achieve a more compact texture.
  5. Coat the spongeweed with Trisol and fry until it is crunchy. The Trisol keeps the tempura crispy and provides a result that is not at all oily.
  6. Finally, let the oysters sit in the seaweed juice with the grated kefir.

Delicious gunkans of sea bass Acquanaria with oyster tartar