Aquanaria, where the fish are happier

Von: Aquanaria,
7 September, 2020

Reporters from the EURONEWS channel spent the day at our facilities in Gran Ccanaria, „where the fish are happier“. Find out all the details in this 360º videoand plunge into the Atlantic waters where the Great Atlantic Sea Bass is raised. Impressive!

Aquanaria’s Commercial Director Pedro Sánchez accompanied the Euronews reporters and explained to them the details of raising sea bass in the open sea: „We have a depth of 50 or 60 metres here, and so the fish have plenty of water the whole time. We are in the open sea which means the water is constantly refreshed, and the water quality in this part of the islands is great“.

„We have been here for many years, in this part of the island. We have gradually moved away from the shoreline, as technology has allowed us to do so, because that is good for the fish. The fish are happier in open water,“ Pedro Sánchez asserts.


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