Four-hander presentation the talk of Barcelona

Von: Aquanaria,
7 September, 2020

Chefs Pablo Tomás (Sintonia, Barcelona) and Joel Castanyé (La Boscana*, Bellvís), accompanied by sushiman  Angel Camacho,were given the task of demonstrating the possibilities offered by Great Atlantic Sea Bass in Barcelona. In an unprecedented four-hander, the two young chefs pushed the envelope of possibilities for sea bass by presenting dishes made with different parts of the fish, all of which can be used.

Chefs Pablo Tomás (Sintonia, Barcelona) and Joel Castanyé (La Boscana, Bellvís) presenting an unprecedented four-hander.

The two chefs presented a symphony of creations including sea bass tartare with citrus fruit; sea bass ceviche with tiger milk, yellow pepper and green apple; marinated sea bass; sea bass in chicken stock with cod tripe; sea bass in truffled green sauce, and sea bass rib with green peppercorns.Aquanaria sea bass are large fish, with a silky texture and intense flavour. As Tomás and Castanyé can confirm: haute cuisine has a new ally.

Lubina Aquanaria Barcelona

The chefs prepared four recipes, making use of each and every part of the fish.

Culinary journalists and representatives catering company representatives were invited to attend the event. All of them eager to discover and try out the qualities of the chefs‘ sea bass. The company directors presented the product, emphasising its three distinctive characteristics: large size, silky texture and intense flavour.

Once again, the outstanding size of the product, on occasion as much as 4 kg,was one of the main talking points of the evening. The company directors explained the secret to raising the sea bass, based on the fish growing and developing in the wild waters of the Atlantic coast off Gran Canaria. These are the ideal conditions, thanks to the strong currents, the clean water and the perfect, constant temperature. „Always two miles off the coast, where we avoid pollutants and achieve a habitat certified as free of anisakis parasites, where the sea bass swim and fight against the currents until they achieve that optimal level of fat and texture,the characteristics that make them a top-of-the-range product,“ the company executives pointed out.

Attendees at the event impressed by the qualities of the Aquanaria sea bass.

The star of the show under the photographers‘ flashbulbs.

Once again, the Great Atlantic Sea Bass astounds guests with its flavour, texture and culinary possibilities. With a growing presence on the finest tables thanks to Aquanaria.

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