Great Atlantic Sea Bass covered on Euronews channel

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7 September, 2020

Wild vs farmed fish: what should you choose?”This was the title given by the prestigious EURONEWS channel to a feature highlighting both the innovative design of our facilities located in Gran Canaria and the ideal conditions for raising Great Atlantic Sea Bass.

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The Euronewschannel asked the question: Could aquaculture save our seas and feed a larger global population?

In just three decades it is estimated that we will need around 70 percent more food than at present. Could we feed the world with fish from aquaculture? And how would they taste?

Faced with the question: ‚does wild fish always taste better than farmed?‘ many chefs would say no. „We believe that if we start with the leading chefs we will be able to change the perception of those people who still don’t believe that fish raised in captivity can be as good as it truly is,“ says Gustavo Larrazábal, Director of Aquanaria.

During the filming of the feature, the Euronews reporters visited one of these chefs, Nelson Pérez, who runs the Nelson restaurant in Gran Canaria. “Ihave been working with farmed fish 25 years. In the past, the fish that came from farms tasted the same, whether they were sea bass or bream. They all had the same flavour and a strong smell of fish oil. But that is no longer the case, and now every type of fish has its own flavour,“ Nelson explains.

The reporters visited our facilities in Gran Canaria to see at first hand the conditions in which the Great Atlantic Sea Bass is raised. Company Director Gustavo Larrrazábal and Commercial Director Pedro Sánchez assert that their aim is to „create a premium product for top-end restaurants“.

„The climate is normally quite harsh here,“ explains Aquanaria’s Commercial Director Pedro Sánchez. He adds:„We have a lot of currents, strong currents, and plenty of waves. That means that we need to keep the structures in place, and there are plenty of highly sophisticated mooring systems, grid systems, everything is connected. And so we can be sure that whenever a storm might come, we will still be in place“.




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