The Great Atlantic Sea Bass at Gastronomika 2018

Von: Aquanaria,
7 September, 2020

This yearwe once again attended this major event in San Sebastian, a very special edition of Gastronomika: the twentieth anniversary of the trade fair which revolutionised contemporary cuisine in Spain. Gastronomika transformed cooking into a global experience, and this year paid tribute to its chefs and its 20 years at the cutting edge of gastronomy, an event that we simply couldn’t miss.

For Aquanaria it was also a different edition. This year we set out our new positioning and introduced the culinary world to our efforts and our exclusive product: sea bass raised in the wild waters off the coast of the Canary Islands, to offer the finest XXL sea bass intended for Haute Cuisine.

Gastronomika 2018

The event was a real success. For 3 days from 8 to 10 October our stand was visited by a range of professional chefs such as Julián Muñoz Martinez, cooks, distributors and journalists, all with an interest in the Great Atlantic Sea Bass.

Gastronomika 2018

Meanwhile, Ángel Camacho, an outstanding chef of Japanese cuisine, offered a demonstration of how to handle sea bass, showing how to clean it and make those masterful and entirely premeditated cuts to achieve the very best result. The audience had the chance to sample his spectacular XXL sea bass nigiri, using fish weighing over 4 kg raised off the Atlantic coast for more than 36 months.

On Monday the 9th we were accompanied by the leading chef of Japanese Haute Cuisine Julián Marmol (Restaurante Yugo the Bunker), who spends much of his time selecting the right ingredients. For him it is essential to have access to exclusive fish shipped in from the very best seas, which is why his relationship with Great Atlantic Sea Bass is as inevitable as it is intense.

He gave a Showcooking by Julián Marmol presentation where he revealed his key secrets when cooking sea bass and served up a gourmet menu based on sea bass tartare and Aquanaria sea bass gunkan.

His recipes and theGastronomika 2018 experience left an exquisite taste in our mouths. A memorable close to the convention that combined the very best of national and international cuisine. See you there next year!

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