The Great Atlantic Sea Bass makes its social debut

Von: Aquanaria,
7 September, 2020

The Great Atlantic Sea Bass enjoyed its official „coming of age“ on 13 February. As you would expect, the official presentation of the ultimate XXL Sea Bass was held right there where it is raised: in Gran Canaria. We invited dignitaries from the Canary Islands Government and the media to the event, to learn first-hand about the outstanding qualities that have made Aquanaria sea bass the chefs‘ choice of fish.

For those in attendance, one of the mysteries about the fish was how they reach their outstanding size, on occasion as much as 4 kg. The company’s executives explained with pride that the secret lies in respecting the natural habitat of the species, specifically 2 miles off the southern coast of Gran Canaria, where they swim and fight against the ocean currents until they reach the perfect level of fat and texture to make them a first-class product.

„One of the hallmarks of our farming method. The distance from the coast frees us from land-based pollutants and allows for perfect isolation.. What is more, our ecosystem is certified as an environment free of anisakis parasites, and our sea bass grow thanks to a healthy and balanced diet“ , pointed out Gustavo Larrazábal, Managing Director of Aquanaria. 

We celebrated this „coming of age“ at the NELSON Restaurant, a landmark establishment where the guests had the chance not only to enjoy the culinary creations but also the works of local artists and unrivalled views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Following the presentation, the Aquanaria sea bass themselves were centre stage as the press asked their questions.

Aquanaria’s CEO, Gustavo Larrazábal, responded to the media’s queries.

Aquanaria’s Managing Director, Eva Vázquez, chatting to one of the guests.

The most highly awaited moment of the event was undoubtedly the chance to taste the different sea bass recipes created by the restaurant’s chef, Nelson Pérez, who was on hand to cook salt-baked sea bass.

And then the moment of truth arrived: a gourmet dinner with Great Atlantic Sea Bass the star of many of the dishes on a menu designed and prepared by Chef Nelson Pérez:

  • Smoked sea bass with butter and lemon
  • Smoked sea bass makis
  • Sea bass carpaccio
  • Salt-baked sea bass.
  • Sea bass in red shrimp sauce
  • Sorghum meal tart

Sea bass in red shrimp sauce

Smoked sea bass makis

Sea bass carpaccio

Smoked sea bass with butter and lemon

An unforgettable evening, without a shadow of a doubt, and a fitting red carpet moment for Great Atlantic Sea Bass.

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