Sea Bass, the queen of winter

Von: Aquanaria,
7 September, 2020

Winter arrives. And with it the best season for our Great Atlantic Sea Bass. The cold, the wind, the rain and wild waters of the Atlantic Ocean make this the perfect time to raise our sea bass. All in a natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

The winter is full of surprises, and is a wonderful season to catch a delicious specimen of a fish that is highly active throughout the coldest months and experiences its period of strongest growth.

The Atlantic coastline of Gran Canaria is our greatest ally. Aquanaria’s sea bass live 2 miles off the southern coast, fighting for at least 36 months against the strong ocean currents until they reach the outstanding size (between 1.5 and 4 kg), the optimum level of fat and the texture that make them a Top-End product.

And it is precisely because it is a Top-End product that our sea bass will be centre-stage for Christmas dinner at the leading restaurants, appreciated as they are for the quality of their flesh, their low fat content, silky texture and delightful taste.

With numerous combinations and with its finest season now beginning, there can be no doubt that the Great Atlantic Sea Bass will be the most eagerly awaited dish served up by the leading chefs.

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