Sea bass, the wolf of the oceans

Von: Aquanaria,
7 September, 2020

Sea bass was known in the Roman era as the „wolf“, because of the speed and voracity with which it attacks its prey.

There can be no doubt that this is a fully fledged predator. Its powerful hunting arsenal is evident at first glance, with its wide mouth and its sharp gills unfurled.

Its favourite food comprises small crustaceans and shrimps, as it only attacks prey if it is certain of its superiority. It is this diet that gives its flesh a unique, refined and subtle taste.

Aquanaria’s sea bass enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. They are raised 2 miles off the southern coast of Gran Canaria, in an ecosystem certified as being free of anisakis parasites.

Our fishing process aims to generate the least possible stress in the animal in order to safeguard the quality of our produce and to deliver even greater freshness, and ultimately flavour, making them perfect for any type of dish.

Fished on demand and with the possibility of delivery anywhere in the world, Aquanaria sea bass are already being enjoyed on the finest tables.

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