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14 February, 2023
identità Aquanaria no waste

Identità Milano, the biggest gastronomical summit in Italy and one of the most prestigious in the world, came of age this year. This edition was held from 28 to 30 Januaryunder the slogan “Ladies and Gentlemen, revolution is served”, reflecting on all that has happened over the past three years that has made us question and change all paradigms. Aquanaria participated as an exhibitor for the first time, with its own stand and plenty of activities both inside and outside the Mico centre. The pièce de résistance was awarding the first Aquanaria Identità No Waste prize to Massimo Bottura.

Aquanaria has positioned itself in the catering sector as the leading brand of seabass for haute cuisine since 2006. Its availability, stable prices and consistent quality, together with its sensory qualities, make it the go-to for many chefs in their restaurants. Attending fairs and conferences is one of the ways we can promote the brand and its message to chefs. Aquanaria seabass can be found in over 24 countries, including Italy, and the company is rapidly growing across the globe. 


Many professionals flocked to Aquanaria’s stand at Identità Milano 2023 to taste the sushi samples prepared by our sushi man. We were delighted to meet some of the Spanish chefs who were presenting at the event, such as Andoni Aduriz de Mugaritz** and Paco Morales from Noor Restaurant**. We also had the pleasure of meeting: Niki Pavanelli, Executive Chef of Restaurante Il Bocconcino-Progressive Italian Restaurant by Royal Hideaway, in Tenerife and Paula Salvucci, his sous chef. They created three spectacularly technical hot dishes to demonstrate the infinite possibilities offered by Aquanaria Sea Bass. A sensational seafood carbonara (with guanciale made from sea bass fillets)A delicious surf and turf (grilled sea bass, mousse from its bones and crackling from its skin and black pork gravy) and an original citrus-marinated sea bass nigiri

We were also part of an interesting presentation by John Regefalk, Chef Researcher at BCC innovation,called “Técnica. Aprovechamiento integral. Gran lubina atlántica”in which he talked to the audience about our product. Answering the questions of food journalist, Gabriele Zanatta, he explained the technical work carried out with his team over a year and the resulting publication of the technical food manual for Aquanaria Sea Bass. John displayed his technical and creative abilities during the dinner he served at Identità Golose’s HUB in Milan on Sunday 29. He created an interesting sea bass warayaki (Japanese technique of rapid smoking), with a toasted fishbone, garum and radicchio sauce. 


A few months ago, we had the opportunity to spend some time with one of the world’s most influential chefs in gastronomy today. Massimo enchanted us with his cooking, knowledge and enthusiasm during the Inspirational Chef Program by Hideaway Corales in Tenerife. He said that he had been blown away by the quality of Aquanaria sea bass when he cooked it.

But it was his altruistic side that won us over at identità Golose. His foundation Food for Soul andrefettorios don’t just feed people, they do it in a dignified way. They offer a social opportunity around an enjoyable meal where everybody shares their culture. The NGO aims to use excess food creatively, transforming it into nutritious dishes.This way, we are helping the planet and the people who need it the most, Massimo says. Pedro Sanchez, Aquanaria’s Commercial Director, awarded the 3-Michelin star chef a sculpture of César Castaño.

Massimo Bottura branzino


This was our first time participating in a conference in Italy. And we did it in keeping with our commitment of providing value to the chef community. Technical value (presentation) and gastronomic value (Niki’s contributions), all in line with our sustainability philosophy (No Waste award). We are very pleased with the welcome we received and will continue to work to position the Aquanaria brand in the Italian market. 


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