The Company

Pioneers in the breeding of Seabass destined to haute cuisine

A visionary’s story

Aquanaria’s story is closely related to Gustavo Larrazábal’s life; he was an untiring entrepreneur who introduced himself over 3 decades ago in the aquaculture sector with a sole purpose: to achieve the breeding of big size Seabass with an exceptional gastronomic quality.

Our team is currently formed by over 130 employees.



Aquanaria’s history goes back to 1973. A long journey till present day which has provided us with the needed experience to become the leader company in the production of Seabass destined to haute cuisine.

In 1987, we settled in the Canary Islands.


All over the world

Aquanaria exports close to 60% of its production to countries of 5 continents. Within 48-hours, Aquanaria Seabass reaches the best dinner tables all over the world.

Our determination

To supply the finest gastronomic quality product for the enjoyment of diners from the best restaurants worldwide.

Our focus

To be appreciated by chefs as the production brand of the best Seabass in the world.

Our moral values

  • Everything we do, we do in a sustainable way; we keep an environmentally friendly mindset.
  • Our product is healthy, safe, nutritious and tasty!
  • We take pride in being the workplace where people committed to the project can find the best options for their personal and professional growth.
  • We believe in each individual as a key puzzle piece to our organization. We want to work among people who are happy, passionate and committed with the project, who also share our passion and philosophy.
  • We invest in innovation.
  • We encourage creativity and active relationship with other entities who share our values.
  • We work with integrity and transparency.