Great Atlantic Sea Bass

After more than four decades dedicated exclusively to this project, we have achieved maximum perfection in sea bass farming.

Today we are the leading producer of this product for gourmet cuisine.


Aquanaria sea bass is a high quality product with two distinguishing characteristics: an intense and excellent flavour and a firm and tender texture.

These two characteristics have made Aquanaria sea bass a worldwide success demanded by the best Chefs. Traditional as well as the newest and most sophisticated kitchens have found a star product in Aquanaria sea bass.


The Atlantic coasts of the Canary Islands are our best ally because they provide optimum conditions for farming, with strong currents and an ideal and steady temperature. AQUANARIA sea bass live 2 miles off the southern coast of Gran Canaria, swimming and fighting against the currents until reaching the optimum levels of fat and texture that makes them a high-end product.

Respect for the natural habitat of the species is one of the signs of identity of our farming method.  The distance off the coast ensures we remain clear of the earth’s contaminants and provide an ideal isolation. Also, our ecosystem is certified as an environment free of Anisakis parasites and our sea bass grow thanks to a healthy and balanced diet that is free of EAP (earth animal proteins).


For their exceptional size, between 1.5 and over 4 kg..

For their farm life of at least 36 months in the rough waters of the ocean.

For their exceptional gastronomic quality.

Always caught on demand and capable of being served fresh or frozen in any location around the world and during any season of the year, Aquanaria sea bass can be found at the best tables.


Dicentrarchus labrax

gourmet excellence

Grilled, baked, fried, in 'papillote', casserole, salt, in sashimi or raw, in ceviche, stewed... In Aquanaria we breed the best sea bass for any type of preparation, for the recipes of the best chefs.

The quality is recognized.