The Aquanaria forest

Caring for the ocean also from land

Birth of the Aquanaria forest

In December 2020, we started one of our most exciting projects: the Aquanaria forest. It is set in Gran Canaria, Fuente Fría (Los Moriscos), one of the most badly hit areas in the wildfires of recent years on the island, and the aim of the project is to help reforest the area.

It was our special Christmas 2020 gift to nature, which we were able to offer thanks to the collaboration with Bosquia.


The forests and the ocean

Forests function as climate regulators: they clean the atmosphere of CO2, encourage rainfall and act as lungs that produce the oxygen essential for life. Furthermore, although one might think that what occurs in forests does not affect the seas and oceans, this is not the case: ecosystems are all interconnected. The removal of topsoil increases runoff, i.e. when it rains, ash, soil, etc. is washed into rivers and seas because bare soil is not able to filter and retain the water. This has an impact on the flora and fauna of aquatic ecosystems.

Replanting these bare slopes helps to restore the natural balance and reduce our carbon footprint.


bosque y mar
lubina aquanaria sostenibilidad

A forest that grows

To begin with, a tree was planted in the name of each Aquanaria employee and some collaborators, but the forest keeps expanding as the Aquanaria family (chefs, customers, suppliers, employees, journalists, etc.) grows.


With the collaboration of Bosquia