“SEA BASS” by Julián Mármol and Enrique Valentí at Madrid Fusión 2019

By: Carmen,
14 March, 2019
Video ponencia en Madrid Fusión

Every master has their playbook, and every chef has their own interpretation of the Great Atlantic Sea Bass. As was clearly demonstrated at the most recent edition of Madrid Fusión, where chefs created very different recipes with Aquanaria sea bass as the star of the show. Discover them in the full video of the presentation “SEA BASS”.

Enrique Valentí, from the restaurant Marea Alta and Julián Mármol, from Yugo The Bunker, showed off the chefs’ finest versions of sea bass in the presentation “SEA BASS”.

To begin with, the recentrecipient of a Repsol Sun, Enrique Valentí, impressed those in attendance with his Catalan Hoisinrecipe for sea bass inspired by Peking duck, with his virtuoso handling of the fish’s skin. Meanwhile,Michelin-starred chef Julián Mármolprepared a sea bass tartare with marine pil-pil and the fish’s own collagen, to highlight the flavour and texture of Aquanaria sea bass.

Discover all the details of the presentation given at Madrid Fusión 2019 in this video. Hit ‘play’!


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