By: Aquanaria,
1 February, 2023
Lara Roguez Kraken

Madrid Fusión2023, the most important gastronomy summit in the world, held its 21st edition. After several years in which it was held on different dates due to the pandemic, it was once again held in January. Under the slogan “Sin límites. No limits”, the diverse, multicultural and unrestrained gastronomy of the times echoed. As well as a programme loaded with speeches from interesting chefs, the standout feature of this edition was the great numbers of visitors. One of the most important moments of the conference was the award, in the Auditorium, of the III Aquanaria Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España sustainability award, with Borja Marrero as a key figure.

Aquanaria sea bass is the sustainable alternative to wild sea bass in haute cuisine. Its living conditions in clean, oxygenated water, with plenty of space to swim results in a fish which can be enjoyed in its entirety (including its insides). This makes it very attractive for all creative chefs and those who work with the philosophy of zero waste.


Aquanaria, as is traditional, participated in the conference with a stand which once again received many positive comments on its smart design which was not lacking its characteristic neon fishes nor a spectacular photo. In this edition, as in the previous one, the photo was the work of the food photographer Sara Castaño. But the most interesting part of the stand was the intense activity we enjoyed in the form of cooking demonstrations thanks to the appearance of enticing culinary projects. Over the three days of the conference we were visited by:

Eatyjet – Gastronomía Nómada:

Alejandro Salcedo and Amira Lemhaouli, Co-founders of Eatyjet in Vitoria, prepared samples of  “Sea bass, Yuzu koshō and fishbone gel and Kumquat”. Alejandro and Amira lead a very innovative project which is in harmony with the motto of the conference – gastronomy with no limits. 

Yume Gastro

Adrián San Julián, chef of the restaurant Yume in Avilés, Asturias, together with Iratxe Miranda, maître d’ of the same, highlighted the characteristics of our unique sea bass. They did so by presenting the flavoursome samples of  “Sea bass matured in black yeast and aged black koji butter”. Adrián won third place last year in the prestigious Cocinero Revelacion award at Madrid Fusion and stood out for his technique and great style in the kitchen.


Cristina Monge, from the restaurant Borneo in Maspalomas, Las Palmas, put the travelling touch to our stand with her colourful and delicious “Vietnamese marinated sea bass with Shitake mayonnaise”. As she does every day in her restaurant, Cristina transported us to Asian lands, through a cuisine inspired by her Filipino ancestry. 

Coliceo 29

César and Patricia, chefs and owner of the restaurant Coliceo 29 in Calahorra, La Rioja, with their colourful and original “tiradito with coconut and citrus vinaigrette, seaweed and pickles” added the final touch to the cooking demonstration in this edition Coliceo 29 is “their home”, and the joint project which they embarked on in 2017 after extensive separate careers in prestigious restaurants. 


Lara is the head chef at Kraken Art Food in Gijón, recently named as the best restaurant  in Spain by the magazine Club de Gourmets. The philosophies of maximum use and sustainability are deeply linked to all of this chef’s dishes. It was her attempts to eliminate all dairy ingredients from the menu which led her to investigate alternative fat options to butter and cream, finding the solution in Aquanaria sea bass.

This interesting project earned her the opportunity to give a talk on “Kraken Art Food: from beef fat to sea bass fat” in the multi-purpose space. In her explanation, Lara explained the extraction, treatment and filtering processof sea bass and how she uses it in both sweet and savoury recipes. For example, the hollandaise sauce, marine toffee and the fat and Codium sablé, which, along with Fernanda, her right hand, she prepared live. 


Taking part in Madrid Fusion, the most important gastronomical summit in our country is very important for Aquanaria. However it is even more important to us that we do so hand in hand with our collaborators.We are very grateful for the efforts of all the chefs who have been at our side. Not forgetting the hand-smoked Aquanaria sea bass from Rooftop SmokeHouse, nor the artisanal canned sea bass from Artesanos Alalunga. In addition, something which has pleased us especially: We had the pleasure of enjoying the help on our stand of Paolo Nel, Aquanaria grant student at the MOM. We will see you in January 2024.



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