By: Aquanaria,
19 April, 2021
lubina sostenible

The purpose is to know the most sustainable project related to the world of gastronomy, taking into account the sustainable development goals of the UN 2030 agenda, and will be chosen within the event of Madrid Fusión 2021 by a jury made up of experts from the gastronomic and food sector.

The Aquanaria company, dedicated to the production of large seabass destinated to haute cuisine, is the promoter of this new award at the main global gastronomy congress in the world, which, in this edition, has circular gastronomy as its main topic.


Madrid Fusión, the great international gastronomy event, celebrates its 19th edition at IFEMA from May 31 to June 2. For the first time, the guests will be able to attend in person or follow the development of the presentations from anywhere in the world through the powerful digital platform.

It will be an edition marked by the challenges that the sector is facing as a result of the pandemic that has been a shock to social and environmental awareness.

Most presentations will be around the circular gastronomy, that is, healthy cooking, utilization, environmental impact reduction and respectful and responsible production, and will feature presentations from national and international figures of great prestige.


It is a trend that the population is increasingly educated and aware of environmental issues. This trend has also reached the gastronomy sector: actions by chefs such as investigating, analyzing and studying their environment to take advantage of its resources, use zero km products, advocate for a healthy diet, fight against food waste or fight against hunger in the world, show their concern about sustainability aspects.

On the other hand, the profile of the restaurant guest has also changed. He is increasingly informed and concerned about health and sustainability and, increasingly, is focusing on healthy and organic ingredients, so he is looking for the culinary options that allow him to combine enjoyment with his lifestyle.

The principles of a sustainable restaurant are several. They include aspects related to the raw materials it uses, the energy it uses, management, personnel, architecture, waste management and recycling, pollution and the impact it causes, menus it offers…

All those projects that demonstrate that the principles of sustainability are part of their business philosophy will be able to present their candidatures. The award will include a financial endowment to donate to a NGO involved with a sustainable development objectives, chosen by the the winner.

Check the competition rules HERE.


The sustainability award is sponsored by Aquanaria, a pioneer in the Spanish marine aquaculture sector. Its origin dates back to 1973, and in 1989 it moved to the Canary Islands, a paradise for marine biodiversity, looking for the ideal ecosystem for seabass: the clean, beaten and oxygenated waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Aquanaria, whose product is served on the tables of the best restaurants around the world, is presented as a sustainable alternative to wild seabass whose fishery is in decline throughout Europe. The idea with this award (which will be at the gastronomic congress in the upcoming editions) is to recognize projects with this same philosophy.



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