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By: Carmen,
5 octobre, 2018
lubina aquanaria

With this first post we want to welcome you to our website and especially to our blog, where we will share all our events, actions and latest news with you.

We have renewed the website making it more dynamic and visual but also filling it with interesting content to bring our Great Atlantic Sea Bass closer to the best chefs, foodies and gourmet world enthusiasts.

But we have not only changed the website, in our latest stage we have also remodelled our image and devised a new brand around AQUANARIA and starting today, we are dropping anchors and are very proud to share the result with all of you.

Actually, we already introduced our new image in the last edition of Salón Gourmets, where Chef Julián Mármol demonstrated the qualities of our sea bass for Gourmet Cuisine. And as a sample, Aquanaria sea bass tartar by Julián Mármol.

Julian Mármol Aquanaria

lubina aquanaria tartar

Our aim is to focus on creating a market niche for XXL sea bass and improve the quality of the product. To accomplish this we have the best marine centres located 2 miles off the southern coast of Gran Canaria where our sea bass can grow while preserving their natural habitat and reaching an exceptional size between 1.5 and over 4 kg.

In less than 36 months sea bass swim against the currents in the rough waters of the Atlantic until reaching the perfect level of fat and texture that makes them a high-end product. The Great Atlantic Sea Bass of AQUANARIA can be identified for its intense and excellent taste and its firm and tender texture; this is why it is the preferred choice among the best Chefs.

After more than four decades of experience (link to ORIGIN/MILESTONES) currently we are the leading XXL sea bass producer in Europe.

Come aboard the new AQUANARIA experience and discover the best sea bass in the world to create unique dishes (link to recipes) and menus that are worthy of Gourmet Cuisine!



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