By: Aquanaria,
26 July, 2023

The 5th edition of theMeeting of the Seas was held from 16 to 19 July, for the first time in Tenerife. The conference, organised by Vocentro gastronomía and promoted by the Cabildo de Tenerife, took place at different locations on the island, something which makes this conference unique. The participation of prestigious speakers from the world of gastronomy and science, has made it the most international edition to date.

Aquanaria has been in the marine aquaculture sector for more than five decades. With the aim of providing a gourmet and sustainable alternative to wild sea bass, our sea bass grow in the Atlantic Ocean in Gran Canaria, a paradise of marine biodiversity.  Utmost respect for the natural environment and the wellbeing of the sea bass, are our priority during the four and a half years an Aquanaria sea bass is in the sea. Through this, we are able to produce a product which is large in size and of excellent quality, much appreciated by the most well-known national and international chefs


With an ingenious play on words using the slogan “Preserve”, the 5th edition of the Conference of the Seas addressed the preservation and regeneration of marine resources from various perspectives including the biological, economic and gastronomic. In interesting speeches, cooking demonstrations and round tables, important topics we addressed, such as the conservation of marine biodiversity, the importance of giving economic value to ocean conservation, and food preservation methods and techniques to reduce food waste of products from the sea. Carlos Duarte, prestigious Chair of Marine Sciences and Scientific Director of the conference, ensured the participation of many scientists.One of the most innovative and surprising speeches was that of the economist Ralph Chami, ex-member of IMF and co-founder of Blue green Future and Rebalance Earth, on the economic value of living nature.  

Gastronomic speeches

Ángel León (Aponiente Restaurant ***) invited us to look on the sea once again with hunger and presented his work on zero waste applied to the world of sweet dishes at Aponiente. The speech by Quique Dacosta (Quique Dacosta Restaurant ***) on the peculiarities of his non-contact method of preserving tuna in salt was also magnificent. And there was also the surprising presentation by Luigi Pomata (Luigi Pomata Restaurant ), which gave us the opportunity to try 25 year old canned tunaNacho Manzano (Casa Marcial**); Lorna Muñoz (Travesía Restaurant ); Sergio Bastard (La Casona del Judío Restaurant *); Rui Paula (Casa de Chá da Boa Nova Restaurant **); Erlantz Gorostiza (MB Restaurant **) and Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz Restaurant **) were some of the other chefs who took part.

What’s more during the dinner on Monday, an unprecedented historical event took place, with a dinner served by ten hands, with Quique Dacosta, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Albert Adriá (Enigma*), Erlantz Gorostiza and Nacho Manzano. It was a privilege for all diners to be able to experience it.  

Sartún Award

Another of the most stand-out and emotive moments was the delivery of the Sartún Award to Alexandra Cousteau in recognition of her work and career defending the oceans. Alexandra confessed that her determination stems from the profound sadness she felt at the thought that in the future her daughter could be the chronicler of the disappearance of the biodiversity of the oceans that, years ago, her grandfather had revealed to the world. In her speech she expressed a message of hope, and called for the deployment of all available scientific, technological and human resources to achieve ocean rehabilitation


We played a prominent role at this meeting, which was so closely aligned with our business aims and mission. In the conference part, Cristóbal Muñoz and Guillermo Ortega (Ambivium*) gave the speech “The life of a sea bass: preservation techniques to get the most out of a fish”, in which they explained some of the techniques they applied to Aquanaria sea bass, and other fish at their restaurant in Peñafiel. What’s more, Pedro Sánchez, sales director at Aquanaria was one of the participants in the round table “The blue growth approach: pursuing sustainable fisheries through innovative models“. He gave us an example of an innovative model, the marine aquiculture system we use at Aquanaria, where quality and sustainability are the factors which set us apart. 

In the culinary part we were also present at practically all the gastronomic events. We began on Sunday’s open day in Puerto de la Cruz with a refreshing ceviche of Aquanaria sea bass with tiger’s milk of tamarillo and coriander chlorophyll by Víctor Suárez (Haydeé y Chichamorada Restaurant). At the lunch on Monday it was Seve Díaz (El taller de Seve Díaz restaurant), who produced cured sea bass, cherry, almond and amaranth on the magnificent terrace of the Auditorio de Tenerife.

Adrián Bosch and Eduardo Domínguez (San Hô Restaurant*), with their dish of Aquanaria sea bass with stew and seaweed broth, impressed diners at the dinner held on Wednesday at the unparalleled setting of Finca La Calabacera. The finishing touch was provided by Rosalía Díaz (Qapac Restaurant), with a delicious Aquanaria sea bass ceviche, meticulously prepared for diners at the last lunch at the Iberostar Selection Sábila Gourmet Market


It is a pleasure to have participated as partners in this unique conference, where science, fishing and gastronomy approach the conservation of the seas from a multidisciplinary perspective.. A conference which, through its careful and complex organisation, facilitated the coexistence of all participants, favouring the exchange of experiences and knowledge in a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We can’t wait for Meeting of the Seas 2024!


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