By: Aquanaria,
15 December, 2023

On 28 November, Aquanaria attended the MICHELIN Spain Gala 2024 in Barcelona as an official partner. This participation is part of the collaboration agreement signed between the two organisations for the next three years.The Gala took place at the Auditori Fòrum of the Barcelona International Convention Centre and was hosted by Andreu Buenafuente, known for his wit. Following the gala, a team of highly prestigious chefs from Barcelona offered guests a cocktail with expertly crafted garnishes. At the cocktail event, Aquanaria made a tasting corner.

Aquanaria is a company that has been involved in marine aquaculture for over 50 years, specialising in breeding gourmet quality sea bass. Our farms are located in the choppy, oxygenated waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This location offers optimal conditions for a product with exceptional qualities, such as a firm and juicy texture, large size, and mild flavour without any foul after-taste. Furthermore, our farming system preserves the environment in which we are located by not removing wild stockThis makes us a sustainable alternative to wild sea bass. Our sea bass is featured on the menus of several MICHELIN-starred restaurants, including Cocina Hermanos Torres (***), MuNa (*), Lu, Cocina y Alma (*), Lienzo (*), and Muxgo (Green Star).


Aquanaria and MICHELIN Spain have signed a three-year collaboration agreement due to their shared goal of promoting gastronomy and sustainability.  The MICHELIN Spain 2024 Gala was the inaugural event of this agreement. It is important to note that this coincides with our 50th anniversary.

The MICHELIN Guide is a highly respected collection of the world’s best restaurants, which are awarded various distinctions such as Red and Green Stars, Bib Gourmand, and selected restaurants. These distinctions not only acknowledge the gastronomic excellence of the restaurants but also recognise their commitment to sustainability since the introduction of the Green Star award in 2021. Thanks to the hard work of MICHELIN’s team of inspectors, the guide’s readers are kept informed of the latest gastronomic news and trends. Similarly, it provides visibility to restaurants through the awards it grants, promoting local gastronomy and tourism.


The 2024 Gala marks an important milestone as it is the first time Spain and Portugal have celebrated the event independently. The promotional campaign for the event emphasised excellence and personalisation in Barcelona, a world-renowned gastronomic destination that was chosen as the venue for this year’s gala. The gala was dynamic and full of surprises. Attendees were nervous and excited.

31 new restaurants have been awarded MICHELIN stars, including three from the Canary Islands:  Bevir, Restaurante Haydee and Taste 1973. At the recent presentation of Aquanaria at Venta Moncalvillo, it was noted that the restaurant has been awarded two MICHELIN Stars. Additionally, Noor and Disfrutar have been added to the list of restaurants with three MICHELIN Stars. In the sustainability section, 12 new restaurants have been awarded the Green Star, including Casa Marcial (**), Monte (*) and Molino de Alcuneza (*).

The cocktail after the gala was catered by some of Barcelona’s most renowned MICHELIN-starred chefs.  Paolo Casagrande from Lasarte, Jordi Cruz from ABaC, and Sergio and Javier from Cocina hermanos Torres were responsible for coordinating the event’s catering.Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch, and Mateu Casañas were among those who joined, along with Raül Balam, Albert Adrià, Albert Raurich, Hideki Matsuhisa, and David Andrés. Aquanaria  was also  present with a unique corner that recreated a seabed. Attendees were able to sample various sea bass dishes. The renowned chef  Miquel Antoja served his dish ‘Bocado de Lubina Aquanaria marinada con pimienta de Jamaica, yuzu y lima’ [‘Aquanaria Sea Bass marinated with allspice, yuzu and lime’ in English], while Luis Bandera and his team served ‘Nigiri de lubina Aquanarai Kobu-Jime’ [Kobu-Jime Aquanaria Sea Bass] and ‘Tiradito de lubina Aquanaria marinada en koji y yuzu kosho’ [Aquanaria Sea Bass Tiradito marinated in koji and yuzu kosho].


 Collaborating with companies like Michelin, which recognise restaurants and chefs for their gastronomic quality or commitment to planet-friendly cuisine, fully aligns with our mission to become a sustainable alternative to wild seabass. Additionally,  experiencing the enthusiasm and happiness of the chefs and their teams at an event like this is a rewarding and enriching experience.   Congratulations to all the award winners. See you at the 2025 Gala!


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