Miranda Cocktail Bar (Madrid)


For the brine:

  • 150gr of Aquanaria Seabass loin – no belly.
  • 400ml mineral water
  • 15gr salt
  • 15gr sugar

For the infusion:

  • 250gr of bones and guts – liver, abdominal fat and fish eggs.
  • 60gr white onion peel-on
  • 1 garlic clove peel-on
  • 50gr green leek
  • 50ml of picual virgin olive oil
  • 20gr celery stalk
  • 20gr turnip
  • 15ml soy sauce
  • 1,5L mineral water

For the tomato butter:

  • 150gr organic tomato
  • 50gr lavender scented honey
  • 80gr butter
  • 2gr salt


  • 2gr fresh citrus thyme
  • 15ml picual virgin olive oil


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Jose Luis Adan Caro, a restless cook from Madrid, is the creator behind this Seabass recipe. He studied Gastronomy and Culinary Arts in the Aranjuez School. For over two years, he was trained in kitchens from the most renowned hotels such as 5* Ritz Hotel and 5* Mirasierra Sheraton Hotel. From then onwards, he participated in many projects, trainings and coaching programs. He is also a gastronomy blogger. Currently he is executive Chef in Miranda Cocktail Bar.

This is a quite sophisticated recipe, deserving of a great product in presentation as well as flavor and texture. Thus Aquanaria Seabass is a perfect match; mild and clean flavor, big size and firm texture, as described by well-known food critic José Carlos Capel. This recipe also allows for full usage of the product, utilizing the Seabass bones.


Noisette butter or “hazelnut” butter is butter processed through evaporation with heat – not burning it – thus water part is removed. The result is a product of darker color and hazelnut scented, thanks to the Maillard reactions – very popular in cuisine for salty and sweet recipes.

This butter can be used directly as a sauce or accompanied by herbs and spices. In this recipe, the butter is used as a base to make a tomato sauce with honey to garnish the Seabass, which combined together, make a perfect match for each other.


To make the fish:

  • Put water and add salt and sugar, mix together with mixer to homogenize blend.
  • In bowl, cover with brine the fish loin, let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours not too cold (above 0ºC).

To make the infusion:

  • Put vegetables peel-on in pressure cooker, cut and fry to high temperatura with olive oil previously heated.
  • Once vegetables are fully cooked, add spinach and fully fry.
  • Moist with soy sauce to add scent and provide a slight salty touch. Boil down 1 minute and cover with water. Close the pressure cooker and stew for 2 hours.
  • Take away from heat and let it sit for 24 hours in room temperature, without uncovering or taking out pressure from cooker.
  • The next day filter the broth through a coffee filter to remove impurities.
  • Heat up to medium heat and add season if needed.
  • Subtly bind with a bit of Almortas flour, separated from water. Add broth, stir to prevent clumps and bind the infusion together. Save at 60ºC.

To make the tomato butter:

  • Cut tomatoes in half and take the seeds out.
  • Slice tomatoes in thin brunoise and save for later.
  • Fry butter in pan to médium heat – this way it adds hazelnut scent to the butter.
  • Once fully toasted – careful not to burn it – add tomato brunoise.
  • Sear to medium heat for 15 minutes. Tomate must be both candied and caramelized by the tomatoes’ own sugar.
  • Add honey and stir to very low heat to avoid honey from breading. Homogenize the mixture and set the tomato butter aside in fridge, in cold above 0ºC


  • Take out Seabass loin from brine, dry well with tissue paper and set aside to room temperature for 5 minutes.
  • Heat up frying pan, add a tablespoon of olive oil and briefly fry on skin side to high heat for about 2 minutes. Then lower the heat and cook for 1 more minute.
  • Turn fish around, cook to low temperatura for 3 minutes and spritz with picual olive oil.


Put in plate a quenelle of tomato butter together with a branch of citrus thyme. Add fish skin-off – fry skin in olive oil to make a crunchy snack. Finally, add the infusion saved at 60ºC.

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